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If you're looking to grow your family, or just want some extra space, home extensions are a great way to to increase the space available to you, without having to move. And they're also a way to add significant value to your home.

However, planning permission, budget constraints and of course finding the right contractor can make the process stressful. We have over 30 years experience in building extensions throughout Wigan and the surrounding areas. So if you want to build an extension, but don't know where to start, read on to learn more.

Where to Start

If you've come this far then you probably already have an idea of what kind of extension you want, but you might not have fully settled on the details. More and more people are opting to add to their existing home, rather than move. The housing market is growing, so larger properties are becoming more expensive.

An extension can be a great way to make use of the land you already own, giving more space to your family. If you decide to move to a larger property in the years to come, a high quality extension is likely to add a good amount to the value of your current home when it comes time to sell.


So, what options are available to you?

Most home extensions extensions will fall into two main categories:


You'll either extend out (i.e. you're going to have an extension built on the back, side or even front of the house.

Or you can extend up. This means either a loft conversion or a full extension built on top of the house.


With either of these options, it's crucial to consider feasibility, budget, and of course planning permission. In fact, most buildings that you can dream up can be built. However, getting your project built within budget (and staying on the planning officer's good side) has to be considered!


The process isn't as complicated as you might think

We can help you every step of the way. Besides, it's usually not as complicated as home owners sometimes fear! And by properly planning, you can help to minimise costs and still build your dream extension.

I'll write a little about planning permission etc. below. But if you'd like to contact us us with your ideas, we'll give you a free quote and personalised advice on your project.


Extending Out

An example extension that we built

This is an example of an extension we built in Shevington. The extension was part of a larger project, which included the building of a brand new extension, balcony and garage.

A large home extension in Shevington

In this case, the owner was lucky enough to have a lot of land available to build onto. We were able to use some of the available space to build a two storey extension. By ordering the same types of windows as in the existing property, the extension is blended into the original building.

The owner wanted more space for their growing family. However, at the same time they have increased the sale value of their home. So if they ever do decide to move, this will prove to have been a great investment; especially with the currently-growing housing market.


What if you have less space available?

It's likely that there will still be many options to extend, even if you don't have as much land as shown in the previous example. And let's face it: Not many people are so lucky enough to have so much available land to exend into!

Smaller house extension

The owner of this property in Newburgh lives on a lovely quiet road. They wanted to open up their home and let as much natural light as possible enter the building. We built a complete new extension, which was fitted so that it looks like part of the existing house!

Example of a home extension

Again here is a beatiful example of a small extension making a large difference to the home. We blended this building into the existing structure, both increasing the space available to the family and increasing the resale value of the home.


Home Extension Costs

Make Sure You Get A Good Quote!

It's important to do your research when you're looking at having any type of building work carried out. Costs can vary significantly between contractors, as can quality of work and the experience of the contractor who you trust to work on your home.

As a general rule, it can cost between £1000 and £1200 per square metre to build a one storey extension. For a two storey extension, the upper level will usually cost much less per square metre. This is because lots of the preliminary work, such as the building of the foundation, for example, only needs to be undertaken once.

Remember that this is a "rule of thumb" estimate, and nobody can really give a fully accurate quote until they've visted your property. However, we can give you as much free advice as you need - and of course any quote we provide is also free and obligation free.


Planning Permission

Keeping It Legal!

Planning permission can feel like a really annoying part of the process. After all, why should you ask the council's permission to build on your own land? There are several reasons some why we need to get permission before starting work. But it mostly boils down to being a good neighbour and making sure that the local community isn't negatively affected by any new building work.

We need to make sure we're not spoiling other people's views (for example by building too high), that we're not blocking anybody else's access to their property, and that we're not causing a visual obstruction to drivers.

We've built almost every kind of extension and home in Wigan and the surrounding areas over the last three decades, so we know what will be allowed, and what might cause a problem.